RM-Rose We began when Dr. R.M. Rose reIn 1867, R.M. Rose was founded in the heart of Atlantturned to  Atlanta after serving as a doctor in the Civil War.  What does  a struggling economy of a country  ravaged by war need?


 Perfected whiskey.

 Dr. Rose was recognized as the best judge of  whiskey in the South and experimented with  various  ways of producing his Georgia corn  whiskey; the demand of his customers attests to  the true quality  of his liquor. He was the first in  the region to age his corn whiskey in charred  oak  barrels.  A tradition  we follow today.

 From 1867 to 1920, R.M. Rose continued  producing whiskey throughout Georgia and  Tennessee. The  prohibition took effect in 1920 with a nationwide ban on the production, sale, and transportation of any alcoholic beverage. Before shutting our doors due to the prohibition, R.M. Rose was the standard of whiskey.

We’re bringing it back.

We are producing R.M. Rose whiskey the same way R.M. Rose himself did; with tried and true methods.

Our new distiller has been built from the ground up; we cut, welded and molded every piece of wood and steel to bring the R.M. Rose whiskey back to life.


In 1901 Atlanta, the home of R.M. Rose, started confiscating “fake” imitation liquors through Revenue Officers. R.M. Rose was the only dealer in Atlanta to receive a letter of recognition from Mr. Wim Strauss, the head of the Revenue Officers, attesting to the quality and skill found in our whiskey.

So, go ahead, ask the Revenue Officer, he’ll tell you we’re the best.


R.M. Rose history