RM Rose Distillery - A Distiller, A Runner, and A Chaser


A Distiller, A Runner, and A Chaser

In the progressive world of spirit distilling, you’ll find a unique array of people who are having the time of their life.  Being in the whiskey distilling business is like no other.  The smell of dried corn waiting to be added to Blue Ridge Mountain Water, corn mash looking like moon cheese as it bubbles across the surface eventually becoming a cake like texture and beginning to emit alcohol vapors, then entering the cooker to begin the process of taking a thick, dense, sour smell mixture and distill it into a clear, high alcohol proof liquid with a loudly distinct alcohol smell and taste.  The varying aromas during the process are strong and invite you into an area of intrigue where a product from the earth meets the soul of the body.

RM Rose Distillery is located in the cove of the beautiful north Georgia mountains of Dillard GA, a small farming community where folks take their growing fields seriously.  Surrounded by mountains, fields of produce, and farmland treaded by herds of cattle. 

RM Rose Distillery has on its payroll a distiller, a runner, and a chaser.  You can’t make this stuff up!  Our master distiller Andy Sudderth is the one behind the re-opening and branding.  Before he got into legal distilling, well, let’s just say he did a little illegal shining.  During those years, he used a young whipper snapper to run his shine around the neighborhood on his bicycle. Bruce, that young whipper snapper and former runner, now runs the still at RM Rose Distillery the legal way.  Our other distiller, Tommy, is a retired Georgia State Patrol Trooper, yep, a former chaser!  No, you can’t make this stuff up!  Come by and meet these fine gentlemen.  They’re always ready with a story that will take you through the woods, up the trails, and into the present-day RM Rose Distillery.  Come see us!

--Cindy Sudderth, Corporate Communications Director at RM Rose Distillery